empire capital partners (ecp) is an advisory group operating through a network of offices, focusing on transactions involving companies and businesses in The Middle East, aiming to encourage business development with Europe, and Emerging Markets.

We provide a range of customized services to our clients including consultancy work to strategic advisory services. Typically clients include individuals, private enterprises as well as large corporate entities.

The work we undertake varies in accordance with a client’s sector of activity and the degree of support and assistance they require. This can extend from searching for regional partners to help develop new market, to structuring business plans and analyzing investment opportunities.

Based on our knowledge, we are familiar with the customs and business practices of the region, which help our clients make the right decisions in terms of partner selection and financial commitment in a timely manner.

Our specialization covers several sectors, which broadly fall into two groups; industrial and lifestyle.

  • For the industrial activity we focus on the energy industries: oil, gas and petrochemicals; infrastructure: heavy engineering, power, water, transportation & communications. We also have experience in specialty sectors such as agri-food, healthcare and and real estate.

  • With lifestyle, the Middle East region is recognized to have one of the highest growth rates for luxury goods in the world, coupled with a high average spend by sub-sector. Equally, the development of new themes and services in areas such as hospitality are very quickly adopted in this fast moving environment, making it important for people new to the region to be well-informed in terms of awareness for their products, market by market.

  • The firm's principals bring together many years of successful business development, execution and management. A detailed breakdown of our fields of activity is available on request, together with examples of the work we have undertaken.

    Our remuneration terms aim to align ecp's interests with those of its clients, allowing us to assist a young entrepreneur starting out in business, at the same time as accompanying an established corporate entity. Please feel free to contact us for further information.